Anticoagulant rodenticides pose a serious threat to our nation's wildlife and ecosystems - and they are not necessary! There are safer alternatives - alternative poisons and alternative methods of controlling rodents lethally and non-lethally.

Research has confirmed the presence of anticoagulant rodenticides in predator species - owls, hawks, bobcat, coyote, mountain lion. These chemicals have been found in snails and fish.

Anticoagulant rodenticides are polluting our natural resources and it has got to stop!

We support a ban on the use of Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) and Diphacinone, a potent first generation anticoagulant that has been found in the blood of numerous wild animals.

ESR bobcat

Don't Take the Bait!

We are calling on pest control companies to stop using products that contain Brodifacoum, Bromadiolone, Difethialone, Difenacoum and Diphacinone. We are calling on property owners and businesses to stop use of products containing these chemicals.

Join our campaign, Don't Take the Bait!™, and help us draw attention to this issue and those who are contributing to the destruction of our natural resources.