Rodenticide Campaign 2020

Anticoagulant rodenticides, specifically, brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialone, difenacoum, diphacinone and chlorophacinone, pose a serious threat to wildlife and ecosystems.

Our campaign aims to stop the sale and use of products containing any of these six poisons.

We are currently petitioning state and federal agencies to suspend their use.

Please join us.

gather facts and information

Find out why it's so important to act now
to save our wildlife and the environment.

URGENT: public comments needed

EPA's Draft Ecological Risk Assessment - let them
hear from you! Comment period ends July 6th!

sign the petition

Tell leaders to act now to stop sale and use
of products containing these six poisons.

engage local businesses

Document poison use in your area. Call on
local businesses to switch to safer methods.

start a conversation on nextdoor

Spread the word about the risks of using poison
and educate neighbors on safer alternatives.

pay for a poison screening

Help cover the cost of testing poisoned wildlife.
No donation too small. Every little bit helps.

write a letter to the editor

Start the conversation and help educate others
on the hazards of anticoagulant rodenticides.